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How to judge the inspection function of battery inspection equipment? ​
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2020-10-08 15:09:59

 Storage battery testing device is an integrated battery properties testing device parameters, to test the size of the battery charge-discharge characteristics and battery capacity, directed to different storage battery apparatus, using different types of devices to detect the experiment, this can in To a large extent understand the use of batteries.

    Accumulator battery testing equipment is used to test the battery, then he in the end is how to work? Take a look at the related introduction below.

        1. First of all, it is necessary to understand which performance of the battery needs to be tested. According to the different test performance, the test methods used are also different. You can use the battery integrated test equipment and the battery single test equipment. The electric test equipment is much larger than the traditional manual test equipment. This shortens the detection time, makes the detection accuracy higher and the data more accurate.


    2. Battery testing equipment, with constant voltage charging, constant current charging, constant current discharging, constant power discharging, standing, and cycling operation modes. The operation modes can be freely combined when setting multi-stage programs; it can complete the cycle life of multiple cycles In the experiment, the parameters and stages in the circulation body can be set freely. When setting the loop program, the number of loops is the same as the number of loops actually running, loop nesting can be set, and the loop layer number can be set to 4 layers.


   3. Time-voltage, time-current, time-stage capacity, time-charge cumulative capacity, time-discharge cumulative capacity, time-total capacity, time-power, time-resistance, time-energy, time can be drawn according to recorded data -Single battery voltage, number of cycles-specified stage capacity (cycle capacity attenuation curve) and other curves and support printing, the curve graph can be copied or exported as a BMP format file, the curve graph can be partially enlarged and displayed.


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