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A brief description of the lithium battery automatic stacking machine?
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2020-10-08 15:22:50

A brief description of the lithium battery automatic stacking machine :

  1. This equipment is mainly used for the Z-shaped lamination assembly of the cathode and anode of the lithium battery cell and the isolation membrane;

  2. Adapt to product specifications: L×W×H: within (40—200)×(40—150)×(30—55);

  3. Capacity: 2.5 seconds for each single chip;

  4. Life: lifetime maintenance and one year warranty;

  5. Appearance size: 1700×1740×2030;

  6. It can be operated automatically and manually. Detailed introduction: This equipment uses the mechanical arm to pick up the pole piece material at the two extreme positions when it moves from the left to the right. Such reciprocation realizes the lamination assembly of the entire battery; the mechanical arm adopts a linear servo motion module to achieve high speed, stability and accuracy; the diaphragm discharge adopts an inflatable shaft and a torque motor to control constant tension, and a computer correction mechanism controls the discharge during the discharge process It is neat and consistent; the pole piece silo uses a cam divider to convert different pole piece materials.




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