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Button battery equipment

Button battery punching machine MRX-CP60
Product No.


Product name: Button battery punching machine MRX-CP60

The punching machine is dedicated to the punching process. It is equipped with different specifications of molds to perform punching and blanking processes on sheet materials. The design of the whole machine is small and exquisite, and it is flexible and convenient to use. It is very suitable for punching and blanking materials such as battery positive and negative sheets, separators and other materials with a thickness of 0.005-0.5mm.


*The upper die is guided by high-precision slide rails, with high punching accuracy, without burrs, burrs, and indentations.   

*It can punch various battery materials with a thickness of 0.0050.5mm.

*Small size, convenient operation, flexible and quick to use, and can be passed through freely in the glove box over Φ210mm in diameter.

*The appearance is exquisite, beautiful and concise, easy to clean and maintain, with small size and other advantages.

*The body is made of aluminum alloy corrosion-resistant material, never rusty and beautiful.

*The body is made of aluminum alloy, rust-proof and beautiful


Punching size

optional Ф3mm~Ф24mm according to customer's specification

Punching pressure


The stroke of the final axis


Flushable material

0.005~0.5mm thick battery material sheet

Overall dimensions (length X width X height) (mm)

(Can pass freely in the glove box with a diameter of Φ210mm or more)


10Kg (With tool M5 sheet hand 1)

Receiving box

anti-static, ABS material, the remaining material is discharged


One year limited warranty with lifetime support